Thursday, 19 May 2011

Several Satyrdays coming up

I spent a long weekend in Finland, and apart from the country going completely barking mad, getting roaring drunk, undressing and climbing tall structures, over Finland beating Sweden for Gold in the World Hockey Championship, we still managed to get one or two useful things done. 

We are currently busy trying to make all the pieces come together for a nice exhibition at a museum here in Copenhagen. The idea is to let contemporary pictorial art meet one of the big names in Finnish art history, and so far the response has been quite positive. Yet a lot of things remain to be arranged, and time is very rapidly running out. We are preparing for a trip to Rome on Saturday, to meet all the other directors of Finnish Cultural Institutes, and when I return from there I have the SPOT festival in Ã…rhus to look forward to. All lovely things, naturally, but it would be nicer to enjoy them one at a time, instead of everything at once.

James Pradier: Satyr and Bacchante
(Kind of like meatballs and ice cream, that.) (Also I accidentally misspelled Saturday ”Satyrday”, and it occurred to me there should definitively be a day named that. Maybe that is the day you have meatballs and ice cream with your champagne, cognac with your hors d'oeuvres, and beer with your caviar. You know, anarchy.)

The opening of the Helsinki School exhibition at Sorte Diamant went very well. We have the front page of Politiken’s culture pages in the Friday 13th edition to show for it, where Peter Michael Hornung wrote a very nice piece on Finnish photography. If you look very closely, we’re mentioned way down there in the lower right corner of the paper edition. 

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